Multiple failsafes with good rssi (help needed interpreting the log)

Hi, sorry to bother you all with this, but i´m not sure what to search for in the logs. (And i’m also a total newbie with ardupilot.)
Last Saturday i have flown twice this rig, the first flight without issues, but the second flight i have experienced a lot of short failsafes with good RSSI in a very short range to home.
This was flown with a FrSky R9 (pre 2019) and a R9 MM both with flex firmware.
I just changed my radio and mistakenly the failsafe was kept to HOLD instead of NO PULSES.
I don’t have another receiver right now, but also, i don’t want to start changing things if i can avoid to.
It seems to happen with the throttle output above 50%, but also it did not fail on takeoff mode with much higher throttle.
Maybe a bad connection? a cold solder joint? electrical noise? i’m not able to tell from the log.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance. Regards.

Found the problem. is the SBUS signal cable between the RX and the FC, the smartport cable is ok, so the telemetry in my radio continued operating normally and gave me warnings about the failsafe.

Thanks and sorry.