Multiple Failsafe Events / Hierarchy


I’m trying to set up failsafes to cover RC, GCS, GPS, and battery failsafes. The problem I’ve run into is when multiple failsafes occur. Specifically, when a GPS failsafe occurs in Auto it will change waypoints to the AFS_WP_GPS_LOSS properly and execute the mission from there. The problem is that since the aircraft is still technically in “Auto” mode if another failsafe occurs it will “overwrite” the fact that the plane is in GPS failsafe.

For example, in the case of a long RC failsafe, I have the plane set up to RTL. If the plane is first in a GPS failsafe(still in Auto mode just with a changed next WP number) then a RC failsafe occurs the plane will try to RTL without a working GPS, which can cause a lot of trouble. Ideally, the plane would ignore other failsafes if it is already in a GPS failsafe (or any other for that matter).

I’m using the functionality of the main plane failsafe functions for battery, RC, and GCS failures and only using the AFS system for GPS failure. Is this just a case of the two systems not playing well together? Is there any plan to change this in the future or is there any workaround for this behavior?

Thanks for the help

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