Multiple drone hud view at once

Is there an option of viewing the hud of all drone connected in mission planner at once instead of selecting each drone in dropdown

Nope. There is only one HUD.
You can try starting multiple copies of Mission Planner.

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thank you i just want to get multiple camera view connected to mission planner (4K)

Lower right quadrant: all thre live captured. Purple trace is dropdown selection (upper left sysid 6).

The other quadrants are the three MP instances tlog captures. Note that you can choose a different voice for each.

thank you how did u set up 4 different view in one ?

On the field:
*Choose voice. MP instance 1. Connect to drone 1.
*Choose voice. MP instance 2. Connect to drone 2.
*Choose voice. MP instance 3. Connect to drone 3.
*Choose one instance, dropdown, select drone.

Later, capture the MP tlogs and mount with ffmpeg.

Thank you can u be more precise with the term field and where it is available in mission planner ?

i meant can u be bit more accurate ur using any external application for 4 view capture ?