Multi vehicles collision avoidance by GPS

Hi,I made an unmanned ship with a diameter of 3M and realized the auto waypoint. Although it was not ideal, I was still improving. Now I want to make a second one, but I have two problems

  1. I want to realize the anti-collision of these two ships through GPS positioning. I searched some parameters through mission planner, but I didn’t see relevant information. Maybe I missed it

  2. I want to build a networking through WiFi (the module has been bought, but haven’t arrived yet) and use the computer as the base station. The two ships are connected to the hot spots of the computer. Does this scheme works?
    Thank you in advance

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@rmackay9 Hi,I have learn a lot from your answers,Thank you very much.I find AVOID_MARGIN and AVOID_ENABLE parameters,the describtion of AVOID_MARGIN is to know distance from objecs,does the objecs contain another pixhawk’s GPS singal?
Thank you in advance

Today,I find the ADSB.Is the module to avoid business airplane?So I just find SRx_ADSB parameters in the ArduRover firmware.Is there any possibile to build a private ADSB system on the Mission Planner on the PC?just to make avoidance from each other which connected to the Mission Planner.

My WIFI modules have arrived,But the firmware only surpport AP model,cannot swich Station model.So I rebooking firmware according to the course below
HaHardware wiring follows as below

The module is ESP-12F

The firmware is successfully brushed in
I can setup the parameters in the in AP model,I change to the Station model and connected to the hot spots of PC,

I found the Mission Planner cannot connect to the WIFI module.But QGround can automatic connect the WIFI module.

even I use the IP and port in the red box above the Mission Planner still cannot connect

the GCS ID of Mission Planner and QGrouund are both 255

the connection process is as follows
TCP model,then click CONNECT
Enter IP address
Enter port
Then report errors

the Chinese above mean “Unable to connect because the target computer actively refused”

I found the link is UDP.I disabled the auto connection in the QGroundControl
Then I create a UDP link

It worked !
but the same process still don’t work in Mission Planner.
the UDP of MP cannot input IP ?
I also try to input IP as follows

and listern port
the result is always like this

UDP link dont need IP address,I tried in QGroundControl.

I tried Mavproxy acccroding the course as below
My system is Win10,I imput the command “mavproxy.exe --master=udp:14550”

when I input “mavproxy.exe --mav20”

Finally !!!
I input command mavproxy.exe --mav20 --baudrate 57600 --out,the “6789” is define by my self.

then open the Mission Planner,use UDP link and input port 6789, It worked.

Thanks to the forum and open source.
(Why am I persist in Mission Planner? I just want to overcome it :crazy_face:)

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Now I realized collision avoidance by GPS