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Multi Radio Telemetry Receiver

Dear all,

I want to build a medium UAV that will travel across 200km. I have seen RFD900 could achieve 40km. Is there any solution like applying a repeater to the telemetry in each overlap section (eg in every 40km) with two GCS (one base GCS at the take off and the other one at landing)? or is there any solution to not loss the telemetry connection?

Thank you

You have to be careful regarding the 40km range claims. As you probably know, it will depend a lot on the terrain. In open areas with near line of sight conditions you get great range but that drastically decreases when moving to mountainous (or even just less flat) areas. Then there is also the regulatory aspects, might be that in your country you would not be allowed to use the full power or bandwidth of the radios.

While looking at radio links, this might also be interesting to follow (not the same distances but gives an idea of the capabilities of some radios):

Do you have mobile data coverage across the 200km area, maybe something like this could be an option.

Thanks a lot for the references you have shared. Unfortunately, the area will be far from city and therefore I think there is low support in mobile data coverage. Sure, I think I will first check my country’s regulation and if applicable, I plan to build it using RFD900x as you shared. But still not final decision, so I’m still open if there is another solution.

Thanks again

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