MSP problem - no GPS, comp and baro data

Hello everyone! It is my first post here!

So I’ve recently bought a Mamba F405 mk2 with an ICM42688p IMU onboard. I’ve decided to buy this board because I already have the MatekSys M10-L4-3100 module and thought I could send GPS, mag, and baro data via MSP. But this doesn’t work at all. I have connected TX2 and RX2 of M10-L4 to UART6 on FC. Set the baud of SERIAL6 to 115200, SERIAL6_PROTOCOL to 32, and GPS_TYPE to 19 (MSP). All I get is a No Fix message. When i try to setup baro type to MSP the system says that it was unable to calibrate baro. It looks like there is no communication between these two boards therefore I have installed iNav just to see if the hardware works fine - it does. What am I doing wrong?

I also tried to connect the GPS module via CAN adding a CAN-UART converter based on the TJA1050 IC but this board doesn’t have CAN drivers. So my second question is - Is it possible to modify firmware in such a way to add those drivers?

Thank you for your time!

There’s a note from Matek that you need to reflash the module’s firmware to use the MSP function.

I doubt you can reflash the autopilot to support CAN, though I could be mistaken.

I forgot to mention it but I have already updated that module to the newest firmware.

No, not the latest firmware, but this:

If you want to use MSP feature, reflash it with “MatekL431-Periph” firmware(AP_Periph_with_bl.hex) over SWC/SWD pads via ST-LINK

See here:

I am having the same issue. Any help or guidance would very much appreciated.

I am having multiple GPS issues similar to this one as well. Help would be greatly appreciated.