MSP OSD troubles with DJI air unit

Hi all,

I’am trying to use OSD with DJI Air unit and DJI goggles, so everything works but I have a trouble with 2 parameters.
First, OSD1_ARMING_EN, it’s working but I only view DISARMED text, when I armed my copter DISARMED dissaper but ARMED text doesn’t come…

Displays flight mode, for this, I don’t see any information on my screen. I have another params and everything works well, like BAT_BAR, BAT_VOLT, etc

And just for information, OSD_W_BATVOLT, the value is in volt or percent?

list_params.param (20.2 KB)

I think the “problem” comes from DJI goggles firmware, in the latest release note it’s write “24 OSD function support”.