MSP DisplayPort

yes, it’s 4.3 no patches for stable

Seems to be not yet in 4.3 DEV … Furthermore no VTX menu.

Can you briefly name the parameters that must be different from those in my post above?

On the 2nd page of VRX menu still a UART Connection Error is reported. The serial port is correct, otherwise I would not see the OSD. Looks to me somehow like the parameters of the serial port are not correct, but are according to default.

By the way, I have not connected Smartaudio and use the Freestyle VTX with current firmware on VRX/VTX.

This fix is not yet in the master I assume? Therefore this does not work yet with 4.3 DEV …?

Correct, it’s a pull request, and I also plan to refactor it in a couple weeks

Too bad, without OSD the power cannot be controlled and the VTX overheats within a few minutes.

Is there no chance for a 4.2.2 firmware for F765-Wing with this fix?