mRo x2.1 Rev 2 | good choice for Arducopter?


I would like to buy an light and high quality autopilot with more than 6 PWM outputs to run Arducopter on it.

The mRo x2.1 Rev 2 seems to me the most interesting option currently. But I can only find 3 topics about the autopilot in the forum.

And now I’m wondering why? Is it a bad idea to buy that autopilot because it is rare and will lack support soon?
Has anyone experience ordering at mRo from Germany?


I like the board too and finally bougth one to try by my own, but just recently recived, Its look well finished but I dont installed yet I contact Jordy Muñoz at facebook and have nice response from him to buy.

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Mrobotics give a great support and IMO their products are top quality .

I use the X2.1 and it is a great board at a little price .