mRo support offline?

Anyone know how to contact their support? I sent them an email to, got the Zendesk response that my message was received, then nothing. No reply for more than 2 weeks now.

Try the phone number listed right next to that email address?

I don’t live in the US, i don’t see why it would be needed for international customers to call them?

You asked for an alternate means. I provided it.

It’s not helpful either, operator tells me that it’s not possible to contact that number at this time, you can try it yourself.

I did try the number just to make sure it’s in service, and it does appear to be working. However it’s mid-day Sunday in the US, which is typically not a business day.

Typical business hours would be Monday-Friday, likely between the hours of 0800 and 1600, though they don’t list their operating hours. They are a California company, so the time zone is 8 hours behind GMT.

Also, user @pemase may be able to help if he’s still working with mRo.

The number doesn’t seem to work internationally then, the operator does not let me through. Lets hope someone from mRo does reply here then. I did see @pemase had released a few of the mRo products, but he has also not replied to any topics since more than 1 year ago.

I get an automated voice message that tells me “Please wait while we connect you to the party at the extension” and then it rings 6-8 times before the automation announces that “The party at extension 619-503-1003 cannot be reached,” which is odd because that’s not an extension, it’s the full number!

Lets ask @pkocmoud and see if he can help connect you to their support teams?

Yes please. I was able to email mRo last year without issues, but now after 2 weeks seems like they are either ignoring emails completely, or just no offering much support anymore? Very strange for me for such expensive products.

They were radio-silent for some of my questions for a while over the holidays, but have been responsive over the last few days. Maybe they are just catching up.

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Thanks, glad to know im not alone on this. Lets hope it gets better :grinning: