mRo Nano Talon First Flights - Large Change in mag_field errors

Hi, I managed to get an mRobotics Nano Talon up in the air for a few flights. The first flight seemed to be fine except for extremely high speeds; however, on takeoff for the second flight the plane turned to a course nearly 120 degrees off expected and continued until I initiated RTL, which worked without issues. Pre-arming checks were all good. An auto analysis of the log from the second flight showed that there was a large change in magnetic field:

Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (141.68%) Max mag field length (927.93) recommended (550.00)

Map of the second flight is below with incorrect course indicated with red arrow. Plane should have been flying essentially between the two green waypoints on takeoff.


The auto analysis for the first flight showed the same issue, but not nearly as significant. There were no noticeable issues during flight.

Test: Compass = FAIL - Large change in mag_field (35.35%)

Link to logs for both flights: Binary Logs

Does anyone here have any advice on what may be causing this issue? Admittedly I am not experienced in log analysis. If someone has some time to take a look at these, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I should mention that we had large solar arrays north and south of us 1-2 km distance.

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