mRo I2C MS4525DO Digital airspeed sensor not working

I’m trying to setup subject digital airspeed sensor but it does not appear to be reading properly. I am using a Holybro Pixhawk 4 mini with the sensor plugged directly into the I2C port on the FC. Any input would be appreciated. Here are my settings.

Hi Ed,
Can you confirm how you have it wired up please?
What test are you doing that suggests that it isn’t working?
Is this the only i2c device you have?

I am using a regular I2C cable which is just a straight connection it appears…No wires are crossed. I am plugging directly into the I2C port on the Pixhawk 4 Mini (no splitter, etc.). To test, I am just blowing on the pitot tube. I don’t see any noticeable fluctuation in airspeed measurement.