MRO GPS ONE firmware and barometer

I just bought GPS ONE form mRobotics. It looks like there is no support from that company. They sell and forget. When I asked for new firmware and how to setup barometer in arducopter I get info that they are not responsible for software. So If someone is thinking about buying anything from them I know now that’s not good idea.

Hey, if it’s location one gps, then download .bin/.apj from here and update via mission planning->DroneCAN/UAVCAN.
Firmware: ArduPilot firmware : /AP_Periph/stable/f303-M10070
How to update:
Mission Planner SLCAN — Copter documentation

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Thanks so for updating firmware of GPS in MissionPlanner I should use:
AP_Periph.apj ?

There is a Wiki of course:

Ok another question. Do I have to cover barometer ? Create o plastic box around whole gps? Put a foam on it ? Or I can mount everything on a frame of my octocopter ? I am afraid of wind which can disturb work of the barometer…