mRo Control Zero OEM H7 Power Module (Voltage / Current sensing) setup issue

Hi Guys, would like to seek advise with regards to mRo Control Zero OEM H7 with Arducopter 4.0.5 and Power Module configuration. I’m trying out the Control Zero for the first thing (was mostly familiar with Pixhawk CUBE), and have setup up my QuadCopter according to all specification and documentation i could find. (Attached pinout diagram from mRo)

So far everything works and tested flight with no issue, GPS works great as well etc.

Only issue was regarding Power Module setup, which i get no reading under Monitoring, thou i’ve selected the most relevant settings (As attached).

Any assistance would be great…Thanks :slight_smile: )

Good day,
which power modules are you using?

Hi David, we are DIY’ing a VI sensor circuit which is base on proven circuitry, which we have successfully measure and gotten voltage and current readings from multimeter, but when solder onto Pin 6 & 8 of FC, we did not get any voltage reading in MissionPlanner. So wondering do i need to “choose” a customise option under MissionPlanner Battery section, if so what could possibily be the values…

Thanks in advance

For the mRo power module I have configured the battery parameters to pin 14 (volt) and 15 (current). For me that is working well. But it does not correspond with the drawing above, I guess the labeling differs?

Hi Tobias, thanks for your clarification, i did set BATT_VOLT_PIN : 14 and BATT_CURR_PIN : 15, and try to calibrate voltage & current readings the usual way as Ardupilot recommends.
But the readings wasn’t moving at all.
Instead, if i were to connect to a pixhawk Power Module, with the recommended values for

    I could get the readings to work
    Thus, i wondering how could i get the above values for my DIY VI sensors ?
    How are those values calculated ? If it needs calculation…

Thanks in advance

Are you sure the the voltage range provided by the module is somewhere between 0 an 3,3 or 5 V?