mRo Control Zero OEM - BRD_PWM_COUNT is set to 2 on reboot

I have issues with several mRo Control Zero OEM flight controllers where parameters are lost or changed on reboot.

I’m trying to use Dshot600 on Arducopter 4.1.4 to control 6 motors and everything works well until I reboot. Then the BRD_PWM_COUNT is set to 2 and the next time I boot only 2 motors are working.

I also try to use the outputs 7 and 8 as relay which also works until reboot. But even if I do not do that the BRD_PWM_COUNT still changes.

I’m kind of desparate, any ideas what to do?

did you try change BRD_PWM_COUNT to 6 and save the parameter?
Try reset all the parameters under MP…

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Thank you, I found the error. It was the onboard compute unit changing the settings.