mRo Control Zero H7 OEM with mRo Power Zero burnout

We are using a H7 powered by a power zero board all made by mRo. However, shortly after plugging the power zero board into a power supply I noticed smoke from the H7 and immediately unplugged it. When I reconnected the H7 via usb and got the thermometer I found the voltage regulator (?) on the H7 was over 122c and the rest of the board was around 90c. However, the autopilot still turns on fine. Is this operating temperature OK? It seems way to high.

Good day, seems weird the reading of the temperature… i never reach that.
just in case check the correct pinout from the fc to the pdb…

It is powered from their current sensor. All wiring is correct.

If smoke was rising, there are only a few options:

  1. The wiring is not correct (most likely…despite your perception that it is).
  2. Too much voltage was applied (check the specs).
  3. There is a faulty component.

I could have made a mistake but I will double check but I am guessing a short of some sort.

Found the issue! The mRo Power Zero was supplying 20~22v for some reason.