MRO Control has acting erratically and won't boot

Good afternoon all. I have a MRO Control Zero I have been using as a data system to perform aerodynamic performance analysis for my competition F3J sailplanes. The MRO Control Zero is ideal for this as it can fit inside the very slender fuse. I had more than 100 data flights were it worked yet, sometimes would reset in-flight. Since this is a data system all I lost was some data. The resets have seemed to have gotten worse and now it doesn’t seem to boot up at all. All I see if a solid green light on the edge of the board. The main status light is dark/out. Any thoughts? I am running Arudplane. Is there a factory reset?

Good day, ive the same flight controller but i never saw the behavior as you describe.
You have two options… the first option is update the bootloader and firmware with MP or if you want perform a full reset of the fc you need an TC2030 cable with the stlink v3 and clean the MCU and reflash again the bootloader… after this you can flash the firmware with MP.
Just try first reset all parameters to default with MP
Which firmware you are running right now?