MR72 nano radar obstacle not working on cube orange

I am trying to make an obstacle avoidance in agri drone with a nano radar.The exact specifications of the radar are as followed:

77GHZ Nano Radar
Telem port

And also I tried with can port also am not able to get in that also.

And the flight Controller is the Pixhawk Cube Orange Plus

In the documentation it says to change the telem2 protocol to the Lidar360(serial2_protocol=11)Baud rate 115 option which I did.Also,it says to set proximity type as Tera Range Tower it(PRX1_Type=3)The problem I am facing is as followed:

PreArm:PRX1:No Data, not even get a output in proximetry page nd its not detecting the obstacle.

Any solutions regarding that??

Officially, we only support the CAN version of MR72 from Copter 4.5.
It’s hard to help with the UART version because it looks like you are using a driver meant for another sensor (Tera Ranger).

In general, though, make sure its powered correctly (I power the CAN version with a separate 12V) and the serial TX/RX wires are connected properly. Make sure the baudrate is correct.

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check this one i think this one work fine ,i already tested with nra24


)NRA24 ardupilot compatible firmware?
2)Nasistant software to flash the firmware
3)any mandatory driver, etc

my problem solved after setting following parameters
please set following parameters to get readings from nra24
serial2_baud =115
Serrial2_Protocol =9
Rngfnd1_type =11
Rngfnd1_orient =25