MP1.3.41 graphics glitches

I just updated MP the first time in a month or so and I am seeing a loot of graphic problems, especially where button and labels are overlapping with number fields. It just seems font sizes and window items are all messed up. Here´s as screenshot of what I mean:


Is that a known problem or am I missing some settings in Mission Planner or Windows 10 here?


I see it too with build 1.1.6110.31287

Might be worth reporting the following:
HP laptop with Windows 10 x64 bit - Intel Core i7-3720QM CPU, AMD Raedon HD 7700M Series video and 8Gb system RAM

this has to be a windows 10 issue, as this has been reported multiple times of the past 2 days

can someone with the problem confirm if older version are doing the same thing?

1.3.40 is not doing this.
That is how I am currently operating.

By the way Michael, did you get my message on another forum that the selections for Yahoo! maps in the Mission Planning section can be removed?
Yahoo! has ended their mapping service.
For more information:

hi,i am sure that only 1.3.41 have this problem.the older version works well

Correct. To get around it, download the beta version1.3.41.7 build 1.1.6163.11424