MP working with DJI A2?

Hi. I did a search here but came up with empty results.

I was wondering if the APM Ground Control software works with a commercial flight control system for a multirotor like

No, Mission Planner and APM Planner 2.0 use MAVLink protocol to communicate with the APM. DJI uses a proprietary protocol standard that isn’t published AFAIU.

Thanks Bill,

I am still researching the control system for my octo and I am giving these open source project a second look after thoroughly looking at the commercial products.

My main concern is the lack of support and protection of my investment in time and hardware to get a reliable flying octo.

I am NOT going to be looking to constantly push the envelope but rather find the most stable system that does the functionality I need.

I plan only to use the octo for cinematography and need a ground station (5 or 6) way-point mission planner, and a futubaba 14sg for back-up manual control. In flight mission updates is a bonus but not likely required.

I don’t like the DJI flightplanner software. For a commercial company I find the whole thing rather sketchy. They are up against economic incentives that run counter to a consumer’s needs if they are suffering to stay profitable.

The entry cost to this project is very reasonable. I will likely go with this ardupilot system. I would appreciate any fast forward hints to getting the whole project in an overview…


I would say, read this as there are lots of discussions and opinions about using the APM platform

Also look at APM Planner 2.0 as this is across-platform GCS. There’s also two Andriod Apps, and iOS one in the works. So plenty to choose from :wink:

This forum or more for support style request for user of software and hardware.