MP waypoint reached spoken message (overcrowd)

Please, observe and listen this video (4K):

(Rover followed by three drones, three spanish voices (Pablo repeated), MP build 1.3.7236.10299)

The waypoints message is:
{sysid} a {wpn}

But there is heard an aditional speech message indicating waypoint reached, which also appears on the hood:
Reached command #XX (Copter)
Mission: XX WP (Rover)

Unless I miss something, this reached waypoint speech message cannot be avoided. For this type of mission, with close together waypoints, speech is overcrowded.

Particularily, hearing in spanish “Reached command almohadilla XX” seems a nonsense mixture.

Unless I miss something, a solution would be making the reached waypoint message similar to the present speech waypoint one (optional and programmable):

For close together waypoints missions like this, one or the other message can be chosen. For separated waypoints both can be chosen. What appears on the hood now is acceptable.