MP warning text issue

I submitted an issue on github requesting some changes on the way text warnings are given on the HUD.

The problem is two fold in that the warnings are persistent, even after the condition (like NO RC Receiver) resolves, and that only one warning is displayed at a time.

I suggest the warnings are displayed in a list (most recent on top), and that errors that are currently active are Red, but that they change to another color (orange?) when the condition resolves, before disappearing after some time.

Did you tried the messages tab below the HUD ? There you can see all messages in chronological order…

Sure, but its a HUD for a reason. In an aircraft I have a warning panel that can tell me all sorts of warnings simultaniously (great indicator of how screwed you might be), if I have to click a button to see those, its too late.

Indeed in an aircraft you have a warning panel. The issue is with the screen real estate. A list of messages can easily obscure the HUD and make it even more cluttered than it is right now.
An idea of a floating panel (Like EKF or VIBE) which displays the messages on a way you suggested, is worth investigating.

However, to implement the “indicator light” like message display needs some clever logic since some messages are repeating till the error is not solved, some of them are have cleared messages, and some of them are issued once (EKF lane switch). And some of the messages are generated by the GCS itself…

Real estate is an issue to be sure. A floating window would be a good start, but that just moves the real estate issue elsewhere. I think having a seperate, optional window, that has its own space within a configurable display system would be the best. Configurable display meaning I can drag, drop, resize, and optionally display all the elements. Option for a dual screen config would be super useful too, and vastly increase realestate, allowing, for example, a true HUD on one screen, with a diagnostic/navigation display on the other. I know you can kind of get this by popping out the HUD and dragging it over, but then you lack the quick tab with your HUD, and user items on the hud aren’t configurable in how they display (location and colors). And I realize I’m nitpicking here. Overall MP is pretty awesome and does give lots of options for displaying data.

Maybe I should beat up the flight planning tab instead? There is plenty to critique in the UI over there.