MP v1.3.39.2 - survey grid anomoly

When planning a grid, here are the results, as expected.

After accepting, this is the new mission.

Is this some new fangled feature?


The links to the images don’t work.

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Strange, not sure why it’s not working.

Attaching files here.

Initial grid defined

After clicking accept

Still broken in the latest beta build. Any ideas @Michael_Oborne?

can I see your grid options tab?

Here you go. Are you able/not able to replicate?

fixed in latest beta. a workaround would be to set overshoot to say 1m.

The 1m overshoot fixed it. When you say latest beta, what does that mean? I updated today, notice the above post, with build #1.1.6084.12411.

I posted a new beta about 30 mins ago.

Cool. Will re-run the update. SWEET! Thanks!