MP: .tlog file and mission trajectory (yellow trace)

When in flight the yellow traces between mission waypoints can be seen loading the mission (below, left).

How can this be done when playing the .tlog file?

Here (right) they don’t appear (most times).

Here some of them appeared. I don’t know how I got this, or what was done differently.

Above .tlog files were different (“Disconnect” in between).

Tlog’s are the capture of actual communication between GCS and your vehicle. If this capture does not contain mission upload or download then it will not appear on screen. (I guess the second case, you already had the mission uploaded.)

Recalling what I (probably) did:

  • The flight for the capture above with some points really happened first. While having connection with MP I read the mission and wrote it on the copter. What I can’t understand is that some points appear (not none, not all).

  • I disconnected and reconnected on MP.

  • The flight for the capture above with no points was next. Since the mission was already on the copter it did not appear as a whole on MP-copter communication.

I’ll test again. For each flight (at least two, without disconnecting/reconnecting) I can both read mission from laptop and download it to copter, and read again from copter to laptop each time, and see if that makes a difference (mission would appear as a whole twice on MP-copter communications, once in each direction).