MP Time Stamp in DataFlash Log Clarificaton

Hi All,

I am working with a project where I am matching flight data with other time sensitive data and I am trying to understand how MP generates the time stamp column in the Log Browser (-1) when viewing the log and how it generates the time stamp it labels the log file with. I have read up on this quite a bit and from my understanding the time in the -1 column is UTC time not GPS time and is generated from TimeUS and the local machine time somehow?

So first question, how is the log file name generated? The label usually reads something like “2018-01-26 10-50-19”, so how is this date and time generated?

Second, and this question will likely be related to the first, but how is the time stamp in column -1 in the log browser generated?

Third, if the time stamp is indeed generated from the TImeUS and not GPS time like I suspect, would it be more accurate to correlate the data to the TImeUS stamp or to GPS time obtained from GMS and GWk? In another thread here Michael Oborne hinted at some latency vs the measurement data? Could anyone expand on this?

Thank you for any help!


Have you solved the problem? I’m also looking to find out where the time stamp in the file is generated from.

I have the time in milliseconds since boot. But I need to get the date and time for each measurement


I’m also curious about this (-1) column. Do we have any more clarification on this?

In my particular case, this column has the same timestamp for all custom messages that I’ve added to my log. The “TimeUS” column increments correctly, but the (-1) column is a fixed which shows the data all plotted at the same time.