MP simulation or SITL by cygwin


I would like to test my VTOL in a simulation enviroment.

I started by trying to use the simulation function in mission planner but I can´t get any mavlink conection.

I then installed cygwin and mavproxy to try simulation from there but it says link down and I get no map only a white grid.

What is the difference between the simulation function in Mission Planner and the SITL using cygwin?

Both are the same thing (I think MP uses daily builds from master branch for SITL though. Cygwin lets you choose by checking out a version with git.) if you ware just running it without specifying a different flight dynamics simulator. By default JSBSim is used with a generalized fixed wing model. If you want to test a model of your particular aircraft, I would suggest building a model of it in one of the supported simulators and then using SITL to connect ArduPilot to the simulator. There is also the forum section for Plane Simulator where a lot of the simulation discussion happens.