MP Map altitudes doesn't match GE

I verifyed that when compare the altitude of locations in MP map (when creating a mission) it do not match the altitudes of the same locations in Google earth. It seems odd to me because I’m using Google Hibrid Map in MP that I expected to be the same as in GE. More than that, the altitudes in Mission Planner Map seems to be very wrong (as 20 meters difference or more). This prevents to create missions when you want to follow always at the same height above the ground. Strangely, if you move the home point to other location it assumes not the altitude showed in MP map but the one of the same location in GE.
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MP uses srtm, not GE.

try using the elevation graph to get an overview.

Hello. That is a little disapointing to me because I think that that model has a lower resolution than the one you can get from the photos used in GE. For small steepy regions the errors could be significative and the flyght with “verify terrain” coul become dangerous.
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google uses the same source I do.