MP: Log Bitmask panel changed?

Hi, searched the forum and other places, cannot find an answer to this so hopefully someone can help/advise. There is no reference in the MP change log either …

In Standard Params, the setting panel for Log_Bitmask has changed and I just want to check my understanding. Yes, I know that the bitmask can be set in Full Params by a numerical value.


So is it simply a matter of ticking which boxes you want to log? So for instance, in the picture above, if I wanted to perform some IMU logging I merely need to tick that box and save params?

Once done with, untick the box (my usual logging is Default+

Looking for some explicit confirmation of this rather than taking a leap :laughing:


For good order:
MP 1.3.33
AC 3.2.1 (on APM 2.6)