MP is not loading new High res Google images?

Some time ago I have to use Bing because I couldn’t see high resolution zoom, like other user viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8203
looking for my pc problem, I noticed that if I migrate to another area with older photos I don’t have problem to see them, it’s possible that google make some changes in their new images files that don’t allow us to see with MP? No problem with Google earth to see them.

please try the latest beta MP.
I believe this should resolve it.

Yess :smiley: . Now is working fine with the beta vers. Thank’s

I am running MP Ver.1.3.32 bld 1.1.573630798 on my desktop and it works fine, no issues. I just loaded the same version MP onto my laptop and I get the following:
GoogleSatelliteMap: "Exception: The Remote server returned an error (404) Not Found"
GoogleHybridMap: Blurred view at higher zooms (aprox. 70% zoom) and some blocks of the map are all white

When I select BingHyridMap: I get a full res. map that I can zoom to a level that shows detail i.e. aprox. 85% but the maps are very old (image is several years old).

I have read the forum and fixes (Oct 2013) but since I am running MP that has been updated since that time and my Desk Top computer does not experience this problem there must be some other issue.

Any suggestions?