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MP install on a laptop - why no audio?

(Paul Atkin) #1


i am quite puzzled as it should be something simple but i cannot figure it out. i have 2 desktops and 2 laptops. on all desktops when model is connected to the MP via USB or UDP - it plays out messages with a human voice.

so, a same install on my both laptops is silent! i just got a new laptop - i always ignored it on the older laptop, but thi one i got is new, with same windows 10 i have on my desktop - where in the MP is it set to talk or not to talk?

is it talking via text to speech or somehow else? how to check it?

(Paul Atkin) #2

nobody knows why? it is odd.

(Dave) #3

Config/Tuning>Planner>Speech. Select “Enable Speech” checkbox. At least that starts the annoyance for me on laptops.

(Paul Atkin) #4

thanks, somehow it was not set on. odd, as it was on by default for all desktops.