MP install on a laptop - why no audio?


i am quite puzzled as it should be something simple but i cannot figure it out. i have 2 desktops and 2 laptops. on all desktops when model is connected to the MP via USB or UDP - it plays out messages with a human voice.

so, a same install on my both laptops is silent! i just got a new laptop - i always ignored it on the older laptop, but thi one i got is new, with same windows 10 i have on my desktop - where in the MP is it set to talk or not to talk?

is it talking via text to speech or somehow else? how to check it?

nobody knows why? it is odd.

Config/Tuning>Planner>Speech. Select “Enable Speech” checkbox. At least that starts the annoyance for me on laptops.

thanks, somehow it was not set on. odd, as it was on by default for all desktops.