MP hanges upon converting to " .Log" after Mavlink download

Having a problem when downloading a large log into MP. Both current version and Beta . Log will download. then MP hangs upon conversion to “.log” format near the end of the process. Can remove SD card, download to PC then use MP to open same log for review or analysis, but if done over Mavlink, it hangs nears the end of conversion from “Bin to Log” and generates the attached errors in the DOS Box upon closing MP. Windows 10 on PC.


That almost sounds like a permissions issue in the folder. Have you tried starting MP as Administrator?

there is something wrong with that log on the sd card.

the first screen is showing MP requesting 90 bytes at 207720, and not receiving it. so either the hardware has hung, or something else is going on.

I would manually pull the log, and reformat the card. and then test again.