Mp Fltmodes 1-6 not switching :current PWM =0

On my Mp in the setup mode my current PWM show 0 it was on CH 5 and working.I tested the radiolink at10 Ch 5 output and it is working with a servo no problem but on the arducopter side it is not .When i calibrate the radio it show CH 5 calibrating but when I go to flight mode it sow no PWM 0. What am I missing? Pleas help. I have a Quad copter y setup Alian x500

ok after i tested the radio ,receiver,arducopter unit 4 beers i found the problem - The software of the mission planner on my computer was not working correct .After i deleted it and reinstall a older vision 1.3.70 the "current PWM in the setup came back and show the CH 5 .