MP feature request - extending the radio cal to 16ch


Now that we can use 16 channels it would be very helpful for troubleshooting systems to have the extra channels on the calibration page. Even though when you move the extra channels during calibration the values and hence the fact that they are being recognized is shown with the calibration results, it would help in determining if the channels are recognized to have the values shown at the bottom of the calibration page during and before calibration. This way you don’t have the do a calibration and look at the results every time you change something while trying to make it work or trying to get the right range of PWM values out of your radio.

You don’t have to have the fancy green bars but just a channel number and it’s PWM value would be helpful.

Also would be very helpful to change the color on the hud of the GPS being used at the moment.


You can see the channels in Flight Data -> Status ch[1-16]in and ch[1-16]out.

I think the point being made is that it should be on the calibration page instead of having to weed through the values screen. I can’t say that I wouldn’t like something like this also.

Hi Markus, I help a lot of beginners and they are just barely able to negotiate Arducopter. When they look at the Radio Cal page they can see their transmitter channels functioning. When they want to use more than the 8 ch it is first confusing that more than 8 don’t show up on the page. As Mark says having it show up on the Cal page just re-enforces that their 16ch transmitter is working and they can easily check the PWM value ranges for optional equipment to troubleshoot retracts and gimbals.


Sorry, English is not my native tongue, therefore I don’t understand what is wrong with my answer, my apologies.

IMHO the Radio Calibration screen should show all 16 channels. Channels 9 to 16 like channels 5 to 8. Similar in Fail Safe.

And while we are talking about this, why is it since years not possible to rename the ‘throttle’ label to ‘collective pitch’ for helicopters or why is ‘pitch’ in the ‘wrong’ direction ? Just turn ‘pitch’ around by putting the low PWM numbers on top and the high numbers on bottom, this way the green bar moves in the same direction as the stick and a LOT of people miss the standard mistake of wrong ‘pitch’ direction.

No need to appologize for speaking a second language when so many English speakers don’t speak any other language.

Nothing wrong with your suggestion but many beginners don’t know how to add extra features to the HUD or to read logs. I am only requesting that the extra channels be added to the Radio Calibration page.

The pitch issue really screwed me up when I first got started. But it is logical. With a multicopter when you want to move forward the the motors in the forward direction must slow down, the PWM values must be reduced. So it is logical that the green bar must go down when the stick goes forward.

BUT it really screws up beginners because they expect the green sliders to go in the same direction as the sticks are moving and all of them do that except the pitch. I think it is really difficult for developers to think like beginners with so much experience and time into the system. I think it is often surprising to them that beginners see things in a different way. It is natural and a difficultly. Like refering to ports with three different non-unique labeling. This is a big problem for beginners. The same output port on a Pixhawk and APM are refered to pin numbers 50, AUX1, A9 , RC9. To make it worse RC9 is also the transmitter channel 9. This inconsistent labeling causes a LOT of grief to beginners. Also having the motor numbers criss-cross the frame rather than ALWAYS numbers go clockwise from the same starting point.