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MP dont send Survey Mission to Copter - Timeout on read

(M. A.) #1

I cannot write this mission to the copter. … looks like every survey mission i want to write
sgot this message. thx for help !!

(Michael Oborne) #2

first update your missionplanner version.
and then I need more information.

what hardware, and software versions

the error message is saying the is a communication error.

(GFlight_1) #3

Hi, I am wondering if this issue was resolved because I am having the same issue which popped up yesterday. I ended up having to use APMPlanner2 to get my waypoints/mission on the copter. I am running Copter V3.5.7 and Mission Planner V 1.3.62. This seemed to pop up when I updated to 1.3.62 so I installed 1.3.61 and I still have the same issue. Everything else works in Mission Planner and I can still download the flight data through it but I get this warning that it timed out when writing the waypoints. I have tried through radio and hardwired with the same results. Thank you for your help.

Capture Capture2

(Michael Oborne) #4

can you please provide the tlog of the failure? and the APMplanner log as well if you can.

(GFlight_1) #5

First of all thank you Michael for the awesome program you have developed and continue to advance. I am sorry but i am not sure how to do that. I am connecting to APM and then load a mission and try to write it to the board but it gives me the errors above. It is creating a tlog of that process? if so how do i receive for you. Thank you.

(anon94298870) #6


Here is a link for tlogs on mission planner. I am running winodws and my logs are usually saved under My Documents/mission planner/logs/(Fixed_wing,Quadrotor…). For APM Planner check on the config/tuning tab where you have your tlogs saved to

. I believe both MP and APM planner should save logs by date and time.

(GFlight_1) #7

MRC87, thank you for your reply. I should have known this as i use the log after every flight to georeference my images. I just was not aware that it created a log whenever you connect. Anyway please use this link to access the logs from both MP and APMplanner.

Let me know if you need anything further.

(Caca N) #8

I’m having exactly the same error… To make it work i have to read an old mission from plane or copter (tested both) an then send the new mission…

(GFlight_1) #9

I haven’t tried that but I will give it a shot. Thank you for the work around. I have still been using APM planner which is cumbersome.

(Caca N) #10

Hi guys… I found out a way to solve my problem and can be usefull for you too…
My Mission Planner is the latest version and the Firmware from Copter isn’t… After a firmware update on my copter everything works well…

(M. A.) #11

Thank you
MP os latest stable Version
I have Sololink wifi connection. last versions Copter and Missionplanner Checked. Same error…
As soon i reduce the size of the mission it worked…sometimes. ! but this cannot be
a solution…

(Michael Oborne) #12

can you please provide a tlog?

also try reformatting the sd card

(M. A.) #13 (69.8 KB)

Hi Michael,

This is a t.log and a waypoint mission from another connection setup ( 433Mhz SikRadios), but same error message.

Last MP stable, AC 3.6.0, chibiOS

Is there a way/command to format the SD Card when its inside the Cube ?

THx !!

(GFlight_1) #14

Caca_Nakagi, my copter was not updated to the newest firmware version when i thought it was. I feel a bit stupid now for not checking that first. Thank you for the suggestion anyway.

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(M. A.) #15

I checked to use the latest version, but it did not resolve the problem constantly. The connection via USB on other PH System works in most cases or reducing/changing some parameters in the wp mission…i dont feel its solved…

(Michael Oborne) #16

please try doing a wp receive first, and then send. there apears to be a problem with almost all the ardu* releases regarding this at the moment.

(M. A.) #17

THX Michael,

we will try this now

(M. A.) #18

Hi Michael,
I am sorry to inform you that the problem occurs again. No matter what kind of connection ( 433Mhz or USB ) i used to transfer the mission. …unexpected error…
Waypoint Missions over ca 500 photos are critical to transfer, below 500 photos it worked 9 of 10 transfers…
Cause i had some scanning jobs to do, i tried QGC and it worked very well for this… in both directions. uploading and downloading to the uav seems to be faster than on MP , too.

thx !

(Michael Oborne) #19

please provide a tlog with the issue

(M. A.) #20

hi Michael,

here is a testmission log:

and the wp mission: