MP crash - BSOD

I have MP installed on a Windows 7 PC. I posted in previous topic here that I couldn’t flash firmware over USB cable until disabling all other virtual comm ports. However, since first installing MP and USB drivers for cable and telemetry radio my PC has been acting really weird.

For one thing, every time a system sound begins and ends a pop comes out through my USB connected audio output e.g. “pop Ding pop”. This remains a really annoying issue and I’m quite certain it’s something to do with MP or the recent driver installs. Why? Because it began happening on my PC the moment I installed MP (a three year old PC with no such audio glitch up until then) and I get a whole series of pops when I launch MP I guess it could just be making a series of silent system sounds but no other app does this.

Maybe related is the fact that I keep losing the MAVlink mid way through a session with the error Unable to access comm port (or similar). The link button still shows connected but if I quit MP Windows reports that MP has stopped responding and is sometimes followed by BSOD. Windows reports that a driver caused the crash. What can I do to diagnose all of this?

The Telemetry radios gave me the fits at first. Constant re-confirguring, loss of connection, etc.

Here how I fixed it:
Using MP, configure the first radio. Take that radio and mount it to your MR,
Configure your second radio exactly the same as you did the first one. Ignore the
’copy settings’ option. Use that radio on your ground station to connect.

Since then my connections have been happy happy joy joy.
Don’t know why, but it worked.