MP connection over Wifi

Hi, Everyone here. I want to connect my RFD900+ Telemetry to MP using Wifi router which has serial port(Tx/Rx). I have tried my best but could not connect the MP. Please anyone with experience of wifi router configuration for MP tell me how to configure my/any router which has serial port available. My setup details are as follows

  1. Pixhawk2 (Cube) with Ardu copter latest firmware installed.
  2. Mission Planner 1.3.74
  3. RFD900+ Telemetry one connected with Cube and one with Wifi Router
  4. Wifi Router GL.iNet GL-AR750
  5. Below pictures shows integration of all


I doubt that just connecting some wires will result in anything working.
The UART port on the router is used as a serial console for advanced configuration. The router firmware has no idea what to do with the mavlink data.
You will need to modify the firmware and use something like socat or mavlink-router to forward the mavlink data to/from the UART and Wifi.
I guess it will be much easier to do this with a Raspberry Pi and a companion computer image.

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i hope you have 900+ antenna turned off in the config not a good idea to run just one

Yes, I have turned off one Antenna, only A1 and low power (10) is selected in settings.

Thanks for replying, I will do the advanced configuration. try to modify the firmware. I have purchased few more pcs of this router. Also i want to eliminate the need of a specific hardware like Raspberry Pi.

It seems socat is available as an openwrt package, so it might be relativly easy to get mavlink forwarding working. You will have to disable the serial console on the UART port to use it.

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you could use a esp8266 or esp32.