MP Configure

I have just received my 3dr quadcopter and downloaded MP. Trying to setup up system. Under initial setup I don’t see any choices other than install firmware, 3dr radio, antenna tracker, and under configuration I don’t see any of the setup choices depicted throught out the forum I only see Planner and Help and none of the configuration choices talked about in instructions. The version I have is 1.2.83 build 1.1.5036.12264. Can anyone help me get the software depicted in the instructions.


Click on the “install firmware” and follow these instructions : … mware-apm/
TCIII Developer

I have completed all of that and working. It is the mission planner software that is differant.

here are some screen shots.

click connect in the top right

Thanks guys I went back through firmware install and it finaly populated the menu items in Mandatory install.
Thanks again