MP Beta FFT Graph Unit/Type Change

After updating MP to latest Beta for an Auto Mission command fix I notice that the units in the FFT graph have changed. Same log file:

Current MP release:

Latest Beta Release:

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just an issue with my installation?

That is normal, the units are now in dB I guess.

I would suggest whatever they were before is a bit more useful. Sure, you can scale the graph like this:

The second one is logarithmic, and is used in control theory and signal processing literature.

Yes, I know that. There is always another option with yet another scale. Same as older MP I suppose.

At our company we are working in bringing the FFT graphs to plotjuggler. We will release it to the public once we are done.

Then there will be another tool to choose from.

A Plot axis type selection would be nice.

in the latest beta you can pick the old method, or the new one, there is a checkbox

Magnitude! Brilliant, thanks for pointing this out.

also you can try Control-L