MP Auto Analysis motor numbering

TBD Discovery, Turnigy D2830/11 1000 Kv motors and Hobbywing X-Rotor 20 Amp Escs. Having trouble in Auto Analysis, giving me fail on motor balancing.

My question is - is the motor numbering following the output on the Pixhawk, or as per the numbering sequence in Initial Setup/ motor test.

Motors 3 and 4 are the high reading ones, could this be as a result of the Discovery’s assymetric layout? If the motor numbering is as per the Pixhawk connection, then 3 and 4 would both be the same rotation direction. I’m using Aeronaut Carbon 10x5 props, is it possible that they have been made differently CW and CCW.

I think I have found the answer, it may be of use to someone else with this problem.

I checked the motor mounts at the end of the plastic arms, and they are all more or less twisted anti-clockwise. This would make the quad yaw to the right, and would need the 2 clockwise turning motors (motors 3 and 4, the ones which are running faster) to speed up to counteract the yaw.

I’ll try to straighten them tomorrow with a heat gun or washers under the motors, then see if the problem is cured.

As a quick test I put small pieces of 0.5mm ply under the left hand of each motor. Result - motor averages difference has gone from 127 to 31. The quad always seemed to yaw right slightly on takeoff, it now takes off with no yaw change.

I’ve ordered the long arm kit for it ( TBS Discovery ) which will make it easier to make sure that all the motors are sitting level.