MP and controllers (Xbox and etc)

Good day,
Having problems with MP and Xbox alike controllers to use with all functions of the plane.
The current setup is:
The left stick is for the throttle and rudder.
Right stick for pitch and yaw.
XYBA for fly modes.
But I need to control the gimbal and zoom too. When I use directional buttons for gimbal control – he is super slow and glitches.
When I try to map triggers – only the bottom one can be used but then there’s one more problem. In the Joystick menu, got all mapped, but Mavlink Inspector shows nothing after CH8 when pressing the buttons.
So that’s the question, how do make channels work and map buttons for all features?
P.s. And is there any chance to use the button as “modificator”. When I press it, mode for control stick changes (for gimbal control or zoom).