MP Adding new GUI Display Language?

Hello , I am from Egypt using ardupilot for about 1 year .
It’s such a nice tool and daily improvement make it very suitable for flyers .

Many people in my country are starting to use this system.
But the problem is observed largely is that many of them find some difficulty in the use of the English language.
I did not find the Arabic language in the settings menu
It would be good program translated into Arabic and will help a lot in the use of this system.
How do I translate this program? Any guidance?
What are the files that can be modified?

Thank you for these efforts made
We wish you further progress

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why there is now replay :frowning:


please refer to this page


The translation is ready , how to upload it ? I couldn’t upload it to Git Hub ,

Can I rar it and upload it here ?

Regards .

this is the file I couldn’t upload it in git hub . (388.4 KB)


@semo please try the latest beta MP, ive added your addition

thanks @Michael_Oborne Could you give me the link of the beta version ?