MP 85º latitude limitation

This is a simple mission near the North Pole (89,0), done virtually with a balance bot without GPS, using its wheel encoders. It should be a straight line south east (135º). The 3D plot draws it correctly:

(There is only one compass (Pixhawk internal), so there is a small orientation error (or perhaps it needs a better compass calibration or magnetic declination adjustment)).

However, MP both on its window and on the .tlog show the balance bot moving along an east west line (0º) instead:

It appears that the balance bot can move sideways at 45º, but that is impossible.

All waypoints above 85º (or below -85º at the South Pole) are clamped (a white background is shown in MP (and in other GCS’s)). What is the reason for that limitation?

Obviously a balance bot won’t do really such a mission at such latitudes, but it is conceivable that a drone or boat could do it.

At extremely high latitudes typical cartographic projections get wonky. Very few people fly there so tester base is virtually null and it is better for a feature not to work at all than be broken.

Certainly, but at 89º all seems to work (possibly further), FC navigation works, 3D representation is correct, so 85º is a great limitation.

Representation limit and navigation limit should coincide.