MP 1.3.79 Sik Radio 2.0


Does anyone also experience Sik radio being unable to update the firmware (Local)?
Hang at Putting into bootloader mode. Solid red LED.

Force bootloader mode did not work in my case.

Ha, QGC v4.2.4 works without CTS short to GND, hmm. Get back to blinking green. But version did not get updated, it is still RFD SiK 2.0 on HM-TRP

I went through some issues with SiK radios a few months ago and I noticed that MP and QGC were uploading different versions. However radios flashed on the two different versions were working together so it wasn’t a big deal.

can the Sik version 2.0 air unit work with the Sik version 2.2 ground unit? Is it advisable?

Yes. I ran them together without issue.

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That combination will work. 2.0 or > will not work with < 2.0

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