MP 1.3.74 does not show 3DR RSSI

rssi, remrssi, noise, remnoise are zero in status tab.



Do you have a Tlog to check ?
Are you sure that you get RADIO_STATUS messages ?

here’s a telemetry log.
I don’t see RADIO_STATUS messages.
Why are they missing ?

2020-11-17 (953.4 KB)

RADIO_STATUS messages should be inserted by the radio (SiK or RFD) into the data stream. Mission Planner simply process these messages to fill out rssi fields.
Check that your radios Mavlink option is switched on both sides.

It turned out that RADIO_STATUS is only injected if MAVLINK 1 is used.
In the doc I have found the following:

“If you have MAVLINK set to 1, then the radio firmware will also look for MAVLink HEARTBEAT messages coming from the serial connection. If it sees a HEARTBEAT message then it knows that the MAVLink protocol is in use, and it will start injecting MAVLink ‘RADIO’ status packets into the the serial stream.”

That means I cannot have rssi if using MAVLINK 2, weird…

update your radios to 2.0 from 1.9

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thank you for the advice.
I’ve updated some of my radios to 2.0 via MP.

Can I update the remote radio wireless ?
What does this button do ?

updating the rmeote radio requires usb connection or direct serial

What does the button “Upload Firmware” do ?

upload firmware to the locally connected radio.
SIk and RFD radios does not support over the air upadte.

I’ve found out by myself.

Updates local radio, firmware is loaded from the internet, probably the most recent version

Updates local radio, firmware is loaded from local disk.

I have updated all my 6 radios to 2.0.
One of which does not work anymore.
The other 5 work fine and RADIO_STATUS is reported and displayed in MP
with MAVLINK 1 and MAVLINK 2.