MP 1.3.65 doesn't work in my w10 pc

MP 1.3.65 doesn’t work in my w10 pc

MP 1.3.65 hangs on startup and won’t initialize on my windows 7 PC. Not sure if it is related to your issue or not.

IF 1.3.65 hangs, just delete the UsbSerialForAndroid.dll from the plugins directory. Or press SHIF during start, this will prevent plugins to load.


I tried but nothing changed, I have the same errors

When things like this happen install the latest Beta. In this case it fixed the long delay at start for me.

Deleting the .dll still causes MP to hang but eventually it starts. I can confirm that pressing the SHIFT key during startup allows mission planner to start right up. Thanks!

I changed the value in “Set View Count” to 3 colums and 3 rows and all it’s fine.
The problem it’s ROWS > 3

i will be releasing a new version very shortly. to address these issues

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Thanks @Michael_Oborne for your excellent job!