MP 1.3.49 startup problems on windows10 ver 1703

Mission Planner has problem during startup on the latest Windows 10 ver 1703.
The mission planner start but end most of the time with “program is not responding”

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Latest info: If I let the Mission Planner stay without touch the application, it’s start up after 4 min.

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can you send me the missionplanner.log file?
you will find it in “C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner”

I had the same Problem. After I updated the .Net Framework (highest available) for the Windows 10 OP, MP 1.3.49 is starting up normal.

Updating the .NET framework did not work for me

Here the log file as requested
MissionPlanner.log (216.0 KB)

my best guess it something to do with your graphics card
2017-08-02 21:58:18,524 INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Vendor: Intel (:0) [Base Thread]
2017-08-02 21:58:18,524 INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Version: 4.0.0 - Build (:0) [Base Thread]
2017-08-02 21:58:18,540 INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Device: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (:0) [Base Thread]

please try updating your drivers

please install
.net 4.6.2

Hi Michael
This version “.net 4.6.2” is already installed
Also latest Nvidia is installed

latest NVidia? the log shows an intel HD 4000 not nvidia

For some reason there has been installed both Intel HD driver and NVidia on this computer and this has been running in long time. I removed both driver and installed the latest Intel HD driver ( ) and now the problem are solved
The old Intel driver was…

Thx for your advice and help.