MP 1.3.43 and 1.3.44 don't connect to Dragonlink v3 Tx using Bluetooth


I can connect to Dragonlink v3 Tx using Android Tower using tablet or mobile without a problem.
Two different W10 laptops can pair via Bluetooth to Dragonlink v3 Tx, but 90% of the trials they refuse to connect with MP (57600 in MP and in Windows and ‘Reset APM on USB connect’ is unchecked). The other 10% MP claims connection ‘Done’, starts loading parameters and either never ends loading parameters or displays the following message:

What can I do ?

Connecting via Bluetooth using APM Planner v2.0.24 works, but I am missing too many features, therefore I am stuck with MP :slight_smile:.
Tower and APM-Planner work, seems to be a MP issue.

is there a version of MP that did work?

Hi Michael,

1.3.43 and 1.3.44 didn’t work and I just started using Dragonlink, therefore I have no experience with older MP versions.
Tower works on mobile and tablet, APM-Planner works on both laptops and therefore I think it is MP related.
EDIT: updated info
In the meantime I get more connections with MP. In Flight Data it displays all data and starts getting parameters, after MP says Done and starts reading parameters I have to cancel getting parameters.
This way I get a downlink that works when connecting via USB to the Dragonlink, but when I try to use Bluetooth it seems to work for some seconds, then the displayed parameters freeze and the connection is lost (white red symbol instead of green).

@Michael_Oborne I’m having this issues as well. The parameters all load via bluetooth and about 10% of the time it works. The other 90% I get this:

and the parameter loading freezes, then the connection breaks with the same error mentioned above. Any ideas? Using MP 1.3.52.

@Noircogi might also know what to do. Here’s my parameters 20180407_CopterParams.param (8.0 KB)
as well:

please try the latest beta MP

I have been having issues with parameter fetch/refresh using Dragonlink Tx -> Bluetooth -> 56k baud -> MissionPlanner. I’ve tweaked lots of the SR*_ parameters and MP telemetry rate settings. I saw Michael’s post from two weeks ago to try latest beta, which I just did, and still seeing issues. I turned on the console window on the help screen, restarted MP, and connected via 56k baud to the serial com ports associated with Bluetooth to Dragonlink Tx. I copied the console output for that startup sequence, until shortly after the param fetch completed. I copied the console output, and it shows 14 occurrences of “bad packet” and 38 occurrences of “already got”. Is that expected? If not, what more can I do to help diagnose what’s going on?


PS: what’s protocol for posting a large text file here?

bad packet just means there was packet corruption. as to why, no idea.

one thing i would try is a different brand bluetooth adapter. as different drivers have different results.