MP 1.3.39 Height error? (Resolved with the new 1.3.41)


First of all wanna say hello to everyone and thank you for all the great job everyone is doing here.
I’m a really new user in the Mission planner, so what I tell is maybe not correct.


Currently I live in Japan.
Using the mission planner I found that sometimes there is no data for the Height.
Creating two way points I can see that there is a difference in height. (for example 0 meters and 300 meters).

Taking a look on the height values, there is some missing data (Blue Line) and the “correct” data is the green line.

MP 1.3.39 usually uses the green line (correct one) … but sometimes uses the blue height line (with errors).
Why is that?

Here is a youtube video for more understanding.

(Unlisted video)


P.S: I also notice that after reviewing the height data again sometimes it refreshes with the correct data.
Blue line and green line are got almost the same.

Here is another example video:

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Also some screen shot from where I’m getting the data.

I’m not really sure what the issue is so I’ve asked MichaelOborne if he can take a look.

Thank you really much.

I noticed when doing an auto mission using terrain, my planner elevation is say at 100m. But if I’m flying at 3000’ asl, my flight is depicted at 2900 below the blue SRTM and green Google Earth lines! Not flying terrain right now lol!

srtm tiles are failing to download for some reason.
firstly please try the latest MP. also at the zoom level you are at, the tile wont automatically download, you need to zoom in more for MP to queue the download of the tile.

in newer MP’s when you move the mouse around the mouse location will have a height next to it, and the height source.

make sure you always set a correct home altitude. the height above terrain that mp uses for the elevation graph is 100% based off this.

Thank you for the answer Michael_Oborne,

I tried to zoom more and it was not working really well… (30.09.2016)
Today (03.10.2016) Even from “far away” at first it displays 0 meters, after 3 seconds it have all height, so the SRTM files are being updated.

I think it may was a server problem last week.
(maybe it took long time do download the files).

Thank you so much for your time and answer.

Best regards,