Mp 1.3.38 and mono and prefetch

MP 1.3.38 crashes when I prefetch map data. Tried with both Google and Bing, it starts to download the tiles and crashes. This is a new install of UbuntuMate on a EeePC 901 with 2gig of ram. top shows that no swap space is being used.

Any ideas or hints? I uploaded the error message as it was truncated when I tried to paste it in this post.


mp-error.txt (2.2 KB)

ive just commited a fix for this

just makes sure the gui exists/started before the downloader tries to update the gui.

Thanks for the quick fix. I’ll check it out as soon as a binary .zip is available for download.


Installed the 1.3.39 version, and the prefetch is working perfectly.

Thanks again,