Mp 1.3.30 - 1.3.32 pixhawk and copter 3.3 rc11

Just making the change to APM copter 3.3( rc11)

Mission planner does not show all the options for retracting the gear so did an update. MP updated to 1.3.31 and the parameters showed up.

set up gear retract as per the wiki and can control the gear by manually setting servo channel 11 high and low in the planner flight data panel. ch7 set to gear function on radio and gear does not follow ch7.

This morning fired up the planner and notified of an update. Updated to 1.3.32 and … gear parameters all gone again. ( but I see all the new vibe and EKF stuff )

Reinstalled latest release of MP again.

Parameters for gear retract are available again ( ie 29 to RC11 for gear ) but in Extended tuning page ch7 gear control is not available!

if you run an rc build of copter, you need beta MP.

yup got that but the updates seem a bit flakey.

i kept getting a 403 error when trying to upload the Beta mods to MP.